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What makes Matrix-36 Marketplace so different?

The Marketplace on Matrix-36 provides you a coordinated and safe space to efficiently procure pharmaceuticals and medical devices from the convenience of your business premises.
We also offer:

Outstanding Inventory Size

Matrix-36 Marketplace boasts of having the largest product inventory available on a marketplace, online and offline.

Rare and Specialist Medicines

Matrix-36 Marketplace is the ideal place to procure rare ethical and specialist medicines needed to fulfill specialist prescription refills at your pharmacy.


Restock your pharmacy inventory in bulk from our extensive network of pharmaceutical partners at great pricing, all from the convenience of your mobile device.

Best Pricing

Enjoy great discounts from bulk procurements. Make small purchases to fill urgent orders and refill a few items while still paying wholesale.

Speedy delivery

From the time you place your order, you can confirm and complete it, pay for it, and get it delivered from 2 hours of order placement.

No Limits

No minimum order value is required to enjoy the affordable pricing structure or amazing delivery benefits

Easy onboarding process

Our simple and user-friendly sign-up process takes less than 2 minutes and our verification process takes less than 30 minutes.

Seamless User Experience

It is easy to get your product order requisitions thanks to easy navigation and a fantastic search index.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Get started by clicking here
  • Select the appropriate customer type:
      Business Account: This is for Pharmacy, Hospital, HMO, Telemedicine etc.
      Business Personnel: This is for individuals that wish to sign up to already existing Business accounts
      Medical Personnel: This is for independent idividual health practioners, like Pharmacists and Medical Doctors
  • Fill the required details and upload the necessary documents so that the account can be created
  • Verify your email via the verification link sent to the entered email address
  • A Matrix-36 Admin will verify your details and activate your account. Thereafter, you are ready to start procuring.
  • You can do so by clicking here, filling the required details and uploading the necessary documents so that the account can be created

  • Navigate to any of the Shop pages.
  • Surf through products or simply search using the smart search bar and add desired product(s) to cart by entering the desired quantity of your favourable expiry batch.
  • After adding all products to the cart, navigate to the Cart page and confirm the items added to cart. Modifications, if necessary, can be made on this page. Then, proceed to checkout.
  • Enter delivery address. Select preferred shipping method. Choose preferred means of payment and finalise payment. Click the “Place Order” button to finalise order and send purchase order to Marketplace
  • Once order is confirmed, you will receive delivery of order placed on Matrix-36 Marketplace from 2 hours of order placement. Delivery hours are Mon-Fri: 9:30am – 7pm, Sat and Public holidays: 9:30am – 6pm.

    Returns are allowed, however, only the following reasons are considered valid for a return or exchange of any given product.

  • Wrong Product – If a product supplied is different from the ordered product.
  • Expiry Date – If a product supplied is expired or is within 6 months of expiry and there was no prior notice of the expiry date.
  • Production Error or Batch Error – If a product supplied has production or batch error from the manufacturer, or if there is a recall for a batch.
  • Damaged or Defective Product – If a product supplied is damaged or defective.
  • The product(s) to be returned or exchanged must be returned within 3 working days after delivery. A maximum of 5 working days, after return is initiated, will be used to process and resolve a return. Except in cases of a Production or Batch Error as well as Damaged or Defective products, all products sent for return or exchange:

  • Must be returned in the same condition that they were received.
  • Must be returned in the original package.
  • Must have no visible signs of wear or use.
  • Must be returned with a copy of the purchase invoice.
  • Matrix-36 Marketplace frowns on Return fraud, and businesses will be penalised for it.

    All products except cold chain products, medical consumables and discounted products can be returned or exchanged. Please contact a Matrix-36 administrator on (+234)-0809-470-7461 or send an email to marketplace@matrix36.com to initiate return or exchange.

    There are two methods of payment. They include:

  • Non-credit transactions – This includes the following payment options:
      Online Transfer – The bank account details of Drug-IT Solutions can be found on the payment section of the check-out page of the Marketplace as well as at the base of every Matrix-36 invoice.
      Payment Gateway – This is to enable different payment means such as card payment, USSD code payment, bank transfer as well as other means.
      Payment on Delivery – This is via cash or cheque (current day dated). Cash limit is a maximum of ₦50,000.
      Matrix-36 Wallet – This option allows for funds preloaded by users to be used to carry out purchases on the platform. This option attracts discounts as well as other freebies upon usage.
  • Credit Transactions – Credit transaction is granted to credit-worthy businesses with approved credit access application. Credit payments can be made via online transfer to the bank account details of Drug-IT Solutions Limited made available on the invoice and on the Marketplace, or via cheque payment made payable to DRUG-IT SOLUTIONS LIMITED.
  • Credit transactions can be granted to credit-worthy businesses with approved credit access application. The criteria to be met by customers to gain credit access include:

  • Credibility – Your business must be proven to be highly credible regarding transactions on the platform and after proper industry investigation.
  • Long-time Customer – In addition to credibility, customers who have partnered with Drug-IT Solutions for a minimum of one (1) year can gain access to some credit facility.
  • Limited Liability Company – In addition to the above options, businesses who request credit facilities must be limited liability companies for legal purposes.
  • If the above three factors are satisfied, then your business will be given a credit limit based on average monthly purchases over a year. If there is a request for the credit limit to be increased, a cover letter, bank reference and 6-months bank statement of the business must be provided unless otherwise waived by Drug-IT Solutions Limited. The credit limit for your business, if approved, will be communicated via a written credit notice.

    Credit duration is based on a mutual agreement between the business and Drug-IT Solutions Limited; the agreed upon duration, as well as credit limit, will be included in the written credit notice. The agreed credit duration will be used to calculate the payment due date for every credit transaction invoice and this date will be indicated on the customer invoice.

  • If your business defaults on the credit agreement two consecutive times, its credit limit will be reduced by 50%.
  • If your business defaults on the credit agreement three consecutive times, its credit access will be revoked.
  • If there are requests for credit facility to be restored, then your business will be placed on probationary credit access for at least six months.
  • During this period, the credit limit will be set at 50% of the initial credit limit.
  • If your business complies during this probationary period, then the original credit limit can be granted upon reapplication.
  • Like more info?

    Fill the contact form below. You can also email our support team at marketplace@matrix36.com.

    Real People, Real Stories

    Zainab Momodu

    Alpha Pharmacy, Ajao Estate

    "Matrix-36 Marketplace is an amazing platform that gives easy access to medication procurement. It is innovative, convenient and effective. I can always count on them to attend to my requests and their staff has a tremendous sense of professionalism and great customer service too."

    Chinelo Aghaizu

    Euracare Multi-specialist Hospital

    "Matrix-36 market place has helped ease our procurement process to a large extent, it is so easy to navigate, fast and efficient. It also shows us pictures of the medication which reduces error in our procurement process"

    Marian Akpokere

    Alpha Pharmacy, Adeniyi Jones

    "Matrix-36 Marketplace is my no. 1 plug and I have never been disappointed by them. The efficiency and timeliness with delivery is mind blowing. Keep up the good work Matrix-36."

    Omoyeni Olutoye


    "Their services have been impressive. For the most part, they have been able to provide medicines and supplies at competitive prices."

    Tunji Adeogo

    Alpha Pharmacy, Ikeja

    "I have been using matrix 36 for upwards of 3 years now and all I can say is that it's user-friendly, the delivery period is fast and the drugs are quite affordable. I will recommend it to any pharmacy business."

    Chioma Omattah

    Welnex Pharmacy

    "Matrix 36 has helped bridged the gap in procuring rare ethical medications. They provide real time solutions to our medicines requests. They have a good support team too."

    Chioma Uweje

    Medfinity Pharmacy

    "Matrix-36 Marketplace stocks an extensive range of medications with exceptional customer service with a cordial and outstanding staff engagement, prompt delivery, and their platforms and operations are very innovative."

    Pharm. Adenaike

    Asset Pharmacy

    "Are you a community pharmacy owner looking for exceptional pricing of medications and an essential Pharmacy Partner. Matrix-36 is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to order quickly and effectively. I highly recommend Matrix-36 to all Pharmacy Businesses! "