Our Benefits

Enter into the matrix and reap the benefits of our holistic ecosystem

Advanced Solutions

By harnessing the power of technology, Matrix-36 is able to provide solutions that improve access to quality healthcare.

Extensive Functions

Our platforms are designed to work together to provide a wide range of services that ultimately improve healthcare delivery.


With everything in one convenient location, you have all you need to keep your pharmacy running smoothly.

The Edge Your Pharmacy Needs

Matrix-36 Marketplace

The Marketplace on Matrix-36 is a convenient and safe space for businesses to efficiently procure pharmaceuticals and medical devices. By partnering with trusted manufacturers, our medications are counterfeit-proof.

  • Pharmacy procurement - Bulk and bit-sized procurement.
  • Large product inventory including rare and specialist medicines.
  • Super fast and free delivery - No minimum order value required.
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All Medicines At Your Convenience

Matrix-36 Pharmacy

At Matrix-36 Pharmacy, we believe patients should be able to purchase medicines without compromising quality or breaking the bank. We help them do just that with our online pharmacy.

  • Uncompromised ethical dispensing
  • Wide range of medications
  • Medication Therapy Management
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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to ask something
from us?

Matrix-36 consists of a collection of platforms that work holistically to solve the pressing issues of the African pharmaceutical industry. Thus, it is not a technological platform of its own but a collection of platforms.

Drug-IT Solutions is the parent company for the Matrix-36 brand thus all products within the Matrix-36 ecosystem are owned by Drug-IT. Matrix-36 is an ecosystem which contains all of the online platforms you know and use, such as Marketplace and Pharmacy.

All Matrix-36 platforms currently available are free.

Each Matrix-36 platform can function independently, however, it is advisable for pharmacy businesses to make use of Matrix-36 Marketplace and Matrix-36 Business concurrently to enjoy the full benefits of the platforms.

You can buy medications via our wholesale procurement platform, Matrix-36 Marketplace which is designed for pharmacy/health businesses or our online pharmacy, Matrix-36 Pharmacy which is designed for end users, but not from Matrix-36 itself.

Matrix-36 Pharmacy and Matrix-36 Finance are open to all kinds of users. However, Matrix-36 Marketplace and Matrix-36 Business are strictly for pharmacy/health businesses and medical personnel.

Currently, our services do not extend outside Nigeria. However, we intend to expand our reach to other African nations soon.

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